How to Replace Broken Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Mirror?

A bathroom medicine cabinet mirror can easily become broken due to everyday use. Replacing a broken bathroom medicine cabinet mirror is a simple repair that can be completed in a few minutes. This guide will show you how to replace a broken bathroom medicine cabinet mirror quickly and easily.

  • Remove the screws that hold the broken mirror in place on the medicine cabinet
  • Carefully remove the broken mirror from the medicine cabinet, being careful not to break any more of it
  • Cut a piece of replacement mirror to fit exactly into the space where the old mirror was
  • Secure the new mirror in place with screws or adhesive strips designed for mirrors
  • Hang the medicine cabinet door back on its hinges and close it to check that the new mirror is secure and looks good

How Do You Replace a Mirror on a Built in Medicine Cabinet?

Assuming you have a built in medicine cabinet with a mirror that is attached to the door of the cabinet, and you want to replace just the mirror:

How to Replace Broken Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Mirror
  • Remove everything from inside the medicine cabinet. This will make it easier to work on and avoid breaking any of your belongings.
  • Next, locate the screws that are holding the mirror in place. There are usually two screws at the top of the mirror or sometimes four screws placed around the perimeter of the frame.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove these screws and set them aside. The mirror should now be detached from the door.
  • To attach the new mirror, simply line it up with the opening on the door and screw it into place using the same screws that were holding the old mirror in place. Make sure thatthe new mirror is firmly secured before putting anything back inside your medicine cabinet!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Mirror on a Medicine Cabinet?

If your medicine cabinet mirror is cracked or otherwise damaged, you’ll need to replace it. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that most homeowners can do themselves. Here’s what you need to know about replacing a medicine cabinet mirror.

The cost of the mirror itself will be the biggest expense in this project. Medicine cabinet mirrors can range in price from $20 to $100 or more, depending on the size and style of the mirror. If you have a very large or ornate medicine cabinet, you may want to hire a professional to help with the installation.

In most cases, however, replacing a medicine cabinet mirror is a fairly simple process. You’ll just need some basic tools and supplies, which you may already have around your home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A screwdriver ( Phillips head or flathead)
  • A drill
  • Mirror adhesive
  • Caulk
  • Silicone sealant
  • A putty knife
  • Sandpaper

How Do You Replace a Mirror in a Bathroom Vanity?

Assuming you need to replace the whole mirror:

  • Remove everything from the vanity top. This includes any decor, toiletry items, and cosmetics. If there are any drawers in the vanity, empty them out as well.
  • Unscrew and remove the existing mirror. Be careful with this step, as mirrors can be fragile and break easily. Have someone help you if necessary.
  • Clean the surface of the vanity where the new mirror will be placed. This ensures that there is no dirt or debris that could interfere with adhesion later on.
  • Place your new mirror onto the surface of the vanity, making sure it is level and centered before proceeding further. Use a tape measure to ensure accuracy, if needed.
  • Securely attach your new mirror to the Vanity using screws or adhesive strips designed for mirrors (these can be found at most hardware stores). Again, make sure everything is level and even before moving on to step.
  • Most importantly- do not overtighten screws as this can cause cracking! Hand tighten only until snug just enough so that it does not move when need for power tools! You don’t want to crack your brand new mirror.

If using adhesive strips- follow package directions for proper application and cure time before continuing to use bathroom as normal. this will vary depending on product used so read instructions first! Some adhesives may require 24 hour wait time before full plan ahead! Now stand back and admire your handiwork!!

Can You Replace a Medicine Cabinet?

Most people don’t think about their medicine cabinet until they need to use it. But what happens when you need to replace it? Can you simply purchase a new one and install it yourself?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Medicine cabinets are not only functional pieces of furniture, but they must also meet certain building code requirements. This means that you’ll need to hire a professional contractor to remove your old medicine cabinet and install a new one.

The process is actually quite simple. First, the contractor will remove the old medicine cabinet and all of its contents. Next, they will measure the space where the new cabinet will be installed and cut any necessary holes in the drywall.

Finally, they will install the new cabinet and make sure that it is securely fastened to the wall. While this may seem like a lot of work, hiring a professional contractor to replace your medicine cabinet is actually quite affordable. In most cases, the entire project can be completed in just a few hours.

Replace Medicine Cabinet Mirror Door

If your bathroom is like most, the medicine cabinet is one of the first places you look when you need to find something. But over time, the door on your medicine cabinet can become worn out or damaged, making it difficult to open and close. If this happens, it’s time to replace the door with a new one.

Replacing a medicine cabinet mirror door is not as difficult as it might seem. With a few tools and some basic do-it-yourself skills, you can easily install a new door in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A screwdriver
  • A drill
  • A measuring tape
  • New hardware for the door (knob or handle)
  • Mirror adhesive – Caulk

First, remove the old door from the medicine cabinet frame. Be careful not to break the glass as you do this. Once the old door is out, measure the opening to make sure you get a replacement that fits properly.

Then use your screwdriver to remove any old hardware from the door. Next, apply mirror adhesive around the perimeter of the opening on the back of the new door.

Medicine Cabinet Mirror Replacement Parts

The average American family has a medicine cabinet in their home, and most of these cabinets have mirrors. Over time, the mirror in your medicine cabinet can become scratched, cracked, or even completely broken. When this happens, you may be wondering what your options are for replacing the mirror.

There are a few different ways that you can replace the mirror in your medicine cabinet. One option is to purchase a replacement mirror from a local hardware store or home improvement retailer. Another option is to order a custom-made replacement mirror from a glass company.

And finally, you could simply remove the old mirror and leave the opening empty. If you decide to purchase a replacement mirror, make sure to measure the old one so that you know what size to get. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a plain mirror or one with an decorative frame.

Custom-made mirrors will obviously be more expensive than off-the-shelf ones, but they will be made to fit your specific medicine cabinet perfectly. Whichever route you decide to go, replacing the mirror in your medicine cabinet is relatively easy and straightforward. So if your old mirror is looking worse for wear, don’t hesitate to give it an update!

How to Replace Medicine Cabinet With Lights?

Are you thinking of replacing your old medicine cabinet with something new and more stylish? If so, why not consider installing lights above your sink instead? It’s a great way to add some extra light in the bathroom, and it can also be a very elegant touch.

Here are some tips on how to replace your medicine cabinet with lights:

  • Remove the old medicine cabinet. This should be relatively easy to do – just unscrew it from the wall and set it aside.
  • Install new lighting fixtures. You can purchase these at most hardware stores or online. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the fixtures, as they will vary depending on the model you choose.
  • Hang a mirror above the sink. This will help reflect light from the fixtures and make the space seem brighter overall.
  • Add any other finishing touches, such as sconces or art prints, to complete the look of your new bathroom space!

How to Update a Medicine Cabinet Without Replacing It?

If your medicine cabinet is looking a little worse for wear, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. With a few simple updates, you can give it a fresh new look that will brighten up your bathroom. Here are a few ideas for updating your medicine cabinet without replacing it:

  • Give it a fresh coat of paint. This is an easy and inexpensive way to instantly transform the look of your medicine cabinet. Just make sure to use a paint that is specifically designed for use on bathrooms, as regular paint won’t stand up to the humidity and moisture in this room.
  • Replace the hardware. Another quick and easy update is to switch out the old hardware on your medicine cabinet for new pieces. This will give it an updated look without having to do any major work.
  • Add some shelving. If your medicine cabinet doesn’t have any shelves, consider adding some wire or glass shelves to hold all of your toiletries and medications. This will help keep everything organized and within reach when you need it.
  • Put in a new mirror. A new mirror can make a big difference in the overall look of your medicine cabinet . You can either replace the existing mirror or add one over top of it .

Be sure to measure carefully before purchasing so that you get the right size .


It’s inevitable that over time, your bathroom medicine cabinet mirror will become cracked or broken. Luckily, it’s a relatively easy fix that you can do yourself with a few tools and supplies. Here’s how to replace a broken bathroom medicine cabinet mirror:

First, remove the old mirror by taking out the screws that are holding it in place. If the mirror is glued on, you’ll need to use a putty knife to gently pry it off.

Next, clean up any adhesive residue left behind on the surface of the medicine cabinet.

Then, measure and cut a piece of new mirror to fit the opening of the medicine cabinet door. Be sure to use a sharp utility knife and straightedge when cutting the glass so that you get a clean, straight edge.

Once the new mirror is cut to size, apply a strip of Mirror Mastic Adhesive around the perimeter of the backside of the new mirror piece.

Center the new mirror inside the opening of the door and press it into place firmly so that it adheres evenly all around.

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