How to Repaint Rusty Bathroom Mirror Cabinets?

If your bathroom mirror cabinets are starting to show their age with a bit of rust, it’s time to give them a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. The good news is that this is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that you can do yourself in just a few hours.

  • Remove the mirror cabinets from the wall
  • sand down the cabinets to remove any rust
  • Prime the cabinets with a rust resistant primer
  • Paint the cabinets with a Rustoleum paint designed for metal surfaces
  • Reattach the mirror cabinets to the wall using new screws or nails

How Do You Get Rust off Bathroom Mirror Cabinets?

If you’re noticing rust on your bathroom mirror cabinet, there are a few things you can do to get rid of it. First, try using a gentle cleaner and scrubbing the rust away with a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, you can try using white vinegar or lemon juice to help loosen the rust.

Just apply either of these liquids to a cloth and rub the affected area until the rust comes off. If you’re still having trouble, you can try using steel wool or sandpaper to remove the rust. Just be sure to use a light touch so you don’t scratch up your mirror cabinet in the process!

Can You Paint Directly Over Rusted Metal?

Yes, you can paint over rusted metal. Rust is simply iron oxide, and when you paint over it, you are creating a barrier between the metal and the oxygen. This will prevent the rust from continuing to spread.

Can You Paint Over Rusted Paint?

Yes, you can paint over rusted paint. However, you need to make sure that the surface is sanded down and cleaned before painting. Otherwise, the new paint will not adhere properly and will eventually peel off.

How Do You Paint a Rusted Medicine Cabinet?

A rusted medicine cabinet can be a pain to paint. The rust can make the paint job uneven and difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies. However, with a little elbow grease and the right products, you can achieve a smooth, professional-looking finish.

Here are the supplies you’ll need: -Rust-resistant primer -Paintable caulk

-High quality paintbrush or roller -Paint tray -Sandpaper (optional)

-Drop cloth (optional) First, remove any loose rust from the surface of the cabinet using sandpaper or a wire brush. If there is any chipped or flaking paint, scrape it away as well.

Next, apply a generous coat of rust-resistant primer to the entire surface, making sure to get into all the crevices and corners. Allow the primer to dry completely before moving on to painting. For best results, use a high quality paintbrush or roller for applying your topcoat of paint.

Start by painting the inside edges and corners of the cabinet door(s), then move on to painting the rest of the surface evenly. Be sure to allow each coat of paint to dry completely before adding another – this will help prevent smudging or streaking. Once you’re satisfied with your work, reattach any hardware and enjoy your newly painted medicine cabinet!

Quick Tip #12 – How to repaint rusty metal objects

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Rusting

If your bathroom mirror cabinet is rusting, it’s important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Rust can spread quickly, so it’s best to nip it in the bud. There are a few things you can do to remove rust from your bathroom mirror cabinet.

You can use a commercial rust remover, or you can make your own with vinegar and baking soda. Whichever method you choose, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and wear gloves and protective eyewear. Once the rust has been removed, take steps to prevent it from coming back.

If possible, move the cabinet away from any sources of moisture. If that’s not possible, wipe down the cabinet after every use and keep it clean and dry.

What Paint to Use on Metal Medicine Cabinet

When it comes to choosing paint for a metal medicine cabinet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, the type of metal will dictate what kind of paint you can use. For example, if you have a steel cabinet, you’ll want to use an oil-based paint.

If you have an aluminum cabinet, however, you can use either an oil- or water-based paint. Second, consider the finish you want for your cabinet. If you want a high-gloss finish, then an oil-based paint is your best bet.

If you’re looking for something more matte, then a water-based paint would be a better choice. Finally, make sure to properly prep the surface of the metal before painting. This means sanding down any rough edges and cleaning off any dirt or grease.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start painting!

How to Paint a Metal Medicine Cabinet

Assuming you want to paint a metal medicine cabinet: 1. Begin by removing the doors and all hardware from the cabinet. If possible, remove the entire cabinet from the wall so that you can work on it more easily.

2. Clean the surface of the metal with a degreaser or trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution to remove any dirt, grease, or other contaminants that could prevent the paint from adhering properly. Rinse off the degreaser with water and let the metal dry completely before proceeding. 3. Use a sandpaper or electric sander to rough up the surface of the metal so that your paint will have something to grip onto.

Be sure to sand evenly over the entire surface area. 4. Wipe down the sanded metal surface with a tack cloth or similar product to remove any dust created by sanding. 5. Apply a primer designed for use on metals such as Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer or Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint Primer .

Follow directions on your chosen primer’s label regarding how long you should wait before painting over it. For example, some primers need only 30 minutes to dry while others require 4 hours or more..

6. Once your primer is dry, begin painting your metal medicine cabinet using a paint designed for use on metals such as Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint . Again, follow directions on your chosen paint’s label regarding cure time before replacing doors and hardware (if applicable).

How to Update a Medicine Cabinet Without Replacing It

If your medicine cabinet is looking a little worse for wear, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. With a little bit of elbow grease and some creative thinking, you can give it a fresh new look that will help it blend in with the rest of your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to update a medicine cabinet without replacing it:

1. Give it a good cleaning. The first step is to remove everything from the medicine cabinet and give it a good cleaning. This will help get rid of any dirt, dust or grime that has built up over time.

2. Paint or stain the outside. If the outside of your medicine cabinet is looking tired, you can try painting or staining it. This can help give it a whole new look and feel.

3. Update the hardware. Another way to update your medicine cabinet is to change out the hardware. This includes things like the handles, hinges and knobs.

You can find new hardware at most home improvement stores or online retailers. 4. Add some shelf liner . Shelf liner can help protect your items from scratches and also add some color or pattern to the inside of your medicine cabinet .

5 . Place decorative items inside . One final way to spruce up your medicine cabinet is to place some decorative items inside .

This could include things like scented candles , pretty soaps or even photos .


If your bathroom mirror cabinets are looking a little worse for wear, you can easily give them a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. All you need to do is sand down the cabinets to remove any rust, apply a primer, and then paint them in your desired color. This project will only take a few hours to complete and will make a big difference in the look of your bathroom.

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